Top 4 Personal Finance Apps for Android Jelly Bean

Top Personal Finance Apps Android 2012

Having a global market share of around 75% as of November 2012, the Android OS has seen massive adoption since its debut back in 2007. Today, the Android app world is advancing at an overwhelming rate in all categories, and notably so in business and finance.

Now at over 700,000 apps to choose from, it’s likely that you already use a personal finance app of some kind. The question is, are you getting the most out of your app?

If you’re only barely managing with what you’ve got, then keep reading for the best (and most trusted) expense tracking, budget planning, and all-in-one personal finance apps for Android Jelly Bean (4.0 / 4.1).


With over 13,000 5-Star user ratings on the Google Play Store and voted “Best Personal Finance App 2012” by WIRED, Mint is a personal finance app that’s taken the mobile banking world by storm. Mint is an all-encompassing financial management suite which lets you keep track of everything from your PayPal to your local bank account.

Mint on Google Play

2. EasyMoney

EasyMoney is a personal expense tracker and budget planner with a ton of customization options available. In 2011, EasyMoney was included in LifeHacker’s list of the “Top 5 Best Mobile Personal Finance Tools” and remains one of the best personal finance apps for Android in 2012. Noteworthy features include being able to take pics of receipts from within the app and store them for bookkeeping, as well as color-coding for those who have many accounts and budgets to keep track of.

EasyMoney on Google Play

3. AndroMoney

AndroMoney is a simple yet highly effective personal finance app made specifically for Android devices. While it isn’t as feature-rich as Mint or EasyMoney, it will do nicely for anyone looking for a quick and dirty mobile accounting solution. Key features include an array of different chart reporting options (trend, bar, and chart graphs), multiple account/currency support, and downloadable currency rates.

AndroMoney on Google Play

4. Financisto

Financisto is an open source personal finance app, which means it is completely free to use and hack to your liking (if you are so inclined). Financisto supports multiple accounts and currencies with filtered reporting options. You can also backup to the cloud using DropBox or Google Docs and set location-reporting to attach location tags to any receipts you store, among other great features.

Financisto on Google Play

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