iPhone 5 CrackedKitting out your iPhone 5 with a premium leather case or cover isn’t just a good idea; it’s a great idea.

Not only will you preempt and prevent the dreaded screen crack, you’ll also be able to sell your iPhone for a much higher price when the iPhone 6 comes out.

If you’ve been searching for good looking iPhone 5 cases that won’t crack, snap or scuff, then a top quality leather iPhone case is your best bet for enduring and classy iPhone protection.

As with many other leather products, however, there is a flood of fake, cheap leather cases out there, so this article will help you cut through the junk and list only the best leather iPhone 5 cases on the market.

  • Bear Motion Buffalo Leather iPhone 5 Case

    Bear Motion cases have an excellent reputation no matter where you’re shopping, with especially great reviews on Amazon.

    Bear Motion’s Buffalo Hide iPhone 5 case is made with genuine Brazilian Buffalo leather, and as leathers go, you can’t get much stronger than Buffalo.

    The wrap-around casing doesn’t smother your iPhone either – it’s been perfectly cut to let you use all the features of your phone without having to take it off, ever.

    With a neat cut and no extra bulk, this case is as light and slim as it is stylish.

  • Ionic ACCENTUATE Leather iPhone 5 Case

    Ionic’s subtle leather offering, the ACCENTUATE, is a super slim leather iPhone 5 cover designed with no-nonsense iPhone owners in mind.

    The textured outer surface helps keep your phone firmly where it should be – nestled comfortably in your palm – and, like all good leather cases, is nicely shock resistant in case you ever happen to slip up and drop it.

    What’s with the shouting capitalized name, you ask? Check out the great choice of bright colors it comes in, and it will all make beautiful sense.

    All in all, a decent case design and at less than $5, it’s a steal.

  • Bear Motion Lambskin Leather iPhone 5 Case

    Need a great leather iPhone case that protects the screen as well? Check out the Bear Motion Lambskin Leather case.

    It’s a bit pricier than the Buffalo leather case, but you’ll be paying for all-round, back-and-screen protection with this one. Just like the Buffalo case, this case won’t ever get in your way and there’s even a cut-out slot on the back to make space for the camera.

    As for quality, you’ll be pleased to know it’s made out of genuine lambskin leather, and the credit card holders on this iPhone 5 case are definitely a welcome addition to the design.

  • KaysCase Leather iPhone 5 Flip Case

    The KaysCase Leather flip case consists of an interesting flip folio design, which means you’ll be able to keep your iPhone 5 fully protected with quick and easy access when you need it.

    This iPhone 5 flipper case also includes a camera slot in the back, and once the front cover is flipped up you are able to use all the functions and buttons just as you would without a case.

    In addition to the unique flip design, KaysCase genuine leather cases come in a variety of interesting colors, including blue, yellow, white, and pink.

  • Bear Motion Premium Flip Folio iPhone 5 Case

    The slick-looking Bear Motion Flip Folio iPhone 5 case is made out of premium PU leather with a silicon adhesive pad to keep your phone stuck tight and snug as a bug. The silicon adhesive lets you secure your phone to the case without having to snap it into place, and it leaves no marks or stains whatsoever.

    A bonus benefit to the flip case design is that it makes playing with your phone in a busy meeting or lecture look like you’re taking notes in a pad – just remember to look up once in a while and you’re all set to make the most of a boring situation.

And that concludes our list of the best quality leather iPhone 5 cases and covers of 2012. If you still haven’t found the perfect case for your tastes, be sure to check out our latest roundup of the Top 10 Coolest iPhone 5 Case Designs.


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