Electric bicycles were invented as far back as the 1890’s, and the regular folding bike was invented over 100 years ago. Yet neither invention alone seems to have taken off. For many people, electric bikes are too bulky for light, last-mile travel, while at the same time they are too lean for extended travel.

Fortunately, bicycle makers have discovered the Goldilocks zone by combining these two inventions into one elegant and useful design. Lightweight foldable bicycles powered by electricity, like the upcoming new Brompton, gives commuters the best of both worlds: extreme compactness coupled with power.

Brompton Folding Electric Bicycle
Electric Folding Bicycle by Brompton, slated for 2018.

For those wondering whether folding electric bicycles are worth their often hefty price tags, here is a list of 6 kinds of people who will benefit the most from having their own electric, foldable bike-in-a-box.

1. Those who live close to their workplace

The average walking speed of a human is 3.1 miles per hour. In the fast-paced corporate jungle, that’s nowhere near fast enough to keep up. With a top speed of 20+ miles per hour, a portable electric bike will enable anyone to get where they need to be in a jiffy. Since you will be thousands of steps ahead of your colleagues or competitors (rough estimate, we didn’t do the math), you will never have to worry about being late, because theoretically speaking, you’re already early.

2. Those who use public transportation

Have you ever tried to get a bicycle onto a bus? If the bus driver even lets you on, it’s uncomfortable and inconvenient for all involved. The same goes for train rides. Nobody wants to get hit in the head with a handlebar on their way to work on a Monday.

Another huge pain is the walk from your house to the station. For those who don’t have a bus stop close to home, this can be a considerable distance. All that extra walking will become a thing of the past with a foldable electric bicycle which you can take with you on the bus or train.

3. Those who don’t have a big house or garage

Regular bicycles are a real hassle to move around indoors and storing them is always chore, no matter how big the house. After you’ve stumbled across the living room, knocking over several porcelain vases and other priceless items along the way, you still have to find space to park it. Sheesh. Who needs that?

Enter the foldable electric bicycle, where transporting and storing your foldable bike is as easy as folding it up and plopping it down in a corner or on a desk. Life couldn’t get any easier.

4. Those who drive in high traffic areas

Imagine you’re late for a meeting and you can’t find parking for your car anywhere near your meeting place. Oh no, you think, you’re going to be late. But wait, you have a foldable electric bicycle in your trunk, so you simply find the nearest open parking and ride the rest of the way – making your meeting in time.

If you don’t do meetings you can simply skip traffic altogether by riding all the way to work, or to the shops, or wherever. With the ability to ride up to tens of miles on a single charge, you don’t have to let traffic keep you from where you need to be.

5. Those who are environmentally-conscious

Electric bicycles don’t pollute the air with exhaust fumes and other toxic emissions, so there’s nothing more environment-friendly than going electric. In fact, entire countries are planning to all gasoline and diesel cars within the next few decades, and every step we take right now towards a greener world counts in the long run.

6. Those who simply want to be cool

Look, it’s not exactly a hoverboard, but you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who wouldn’t be impressed by an electric bicycle that you can throw on your back like a 21st century Ninja Turtle. Tech-savvy city slickers and proud hipsters can now take to the streets in the style that was prophesied in Back to the Future, even it’s still using wheels and not some form of plasma propulsion.

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