Training for a sporting event or some kind of physical competition can risk being boring. Of course it’s going to be a lot of hard work, but one would hope that this kind of hard work would mean that you were excited and psyched most of the time rather than feeling bored and indifferent.

Problem is, if you’re training for a particular sport you will often be carrying out the exact same movements day in and day out and this can end up making you bored of even the activities you love. Losing the joy in your sport is a terrible thing, so it’s crucial to make sure you keep your training fresh, varied and fun.

Thankfully there are a number of great apps, gadgets and machines that can help you to do just that. Here, we will look at some of the most exciting and entertaining gadgets that can help you to improve your fitness and strength for your sport while also having a rather good time.

Zombies, Run!

apps for physical training - zombies run

Zombie Run is an app on iPhone and Android and it’s one that is really rather ingenious. The idea behind it is that you put headphones in while you’re jogging and then listen to a story with sound effects to help you imagine that you’re being chased by blood-thirsty zombies. This is not only good fun, but the motivation may help you to run faster while the fact that it’s so much more exciting might make you more likely to train when otherwise you wouldn’t.


endomondo fitness - physical training app

When you don’t feel like being chased by zombies, another great app is ‘Endomondo’. This is another running app, but this time one that’s more conventional, simply recording your route as you run. What makes it fun though is the ability to let your friends and family record messages for you and have those messages play at certain points throughout the run. This then means that just as you reach the hardest part and your lowest ebb, a friend can give you the encouragement you need.


Power bocks - physical training gadgets

Want to try exercising in a way that’s slightly different? Then how about trying some Powerbocks. These are giant stilts that you slip over your legs that make you look like a cross between Oscar Pistorious and Iron Man but also allow you to run at incredibly high speeds and jump high enough to do front flips over cars. You won’t be doing that right away though, these things are tough going to start with!

gadgets and apps for physical training - bodybuilding is a website but also an app, that provides a Facebook-style social network for athletes and bodybuilders. If you are trying to develop muscle or burn fat, this is a great place to post pictures, discuss training techniques and generally find a sense of community that may offer you some encouragement and support and even help you to make some new friends.


Wii fitness games

This is an old favourite for anyone looking to improve their coordination and calories with friends. It can be a lot of fun and a great laugh, but many of the games are actually well suited to improving sporting ability.

‘Fre Flo Do’

If you can find a Fre Flo Do class, then look forward to trying something completely new and unusual. This is a class that has you training on a treadmill that has no ends to keep you constantly moving and to train your core and stabilizer muscles. It’s unusual to say the least, but a lot of fun and quite high tech!

This article was contributed by: Joshua Bing